If I could bottle up and
Sell a wonder drug
Then I would choose to bottle up
A warm and loving hug

For nothing is much better
As a tonic for a cure
Then just a little hug that can
Chase away a tear!

~ Jennifer Byerly ~

If you notice someone's face is
Looking rather low
Come along beside them
And let your caring show

Place your arm around them
And give a little squeeze
There's nothing like a hug to
Give the heart some ease!
~ Jennifer Byerly ~

Sometimes a hug speaks volumes
When someone's feeling low
And more then words are needed
To set a heart aglow

So next time you see someone
Who's looking rather blue
I'd recommend a kind word
An perhaps a hug or two!

~ Jennifer Byerly ~

Never be afraid to
Express care and concern
You never know if one day
It will be your turn

For life can bring us trouble
And bumps along the way
So why not cheer another
With a hug to make their day?
~ Jennifer Byerly ~

I'd give you a big hug
everyday if I could
along with some kisses,
you know I would

So I hope you like this
that I bottled for you....
kisses when needed
and a big bear hug too!
~ shirleyt@craftayings.com ~

What is a hug?

A hug is something special
A hug can give such joy
A hug can bring a little smile
To every girl and boy
A hug can say a thousand words
Without a single spoken one
A hug can put things right again
When everything seems wrong
A hug can be a lovely thing
It doesn't have to contain a touch
A hug can be on paper
The word 'hug' just means so much
So I'm sending you a special hug
Not physical, it's true
But this hug is sent to let you know
I think the world of you

~ Yvonne Lowther ~

Hugs aren't only physical
you can give without a touch,
the warmth of a smile and word
can often mean as much.
Across the miles you send them
to friend, strangers and mankind,
a hug is very special
and easy enough to find.
And the hug I'm sending to you
is full of love and wishes,
and it will warm your soul
more than any earthly riches.
So please pass it on
this hug without a touch
it comes free of all germs
and still it means so much.
~ Sue Pitchfork ~

Hugs are special for lots of things
They can feel like bears or butterfly wings
They can make you smile when you are sad
Or just say sorry when you've been bad
They can give you love and comfort
They can wash away a tear
A hug can reach you anywhere
Whether you're far away or near
So if you're feeling lonely
Sad or even blue
Remember a hug isn't far away
Just call and I'll bring one to you
~ Yvonne Lowther ~

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